Being Asked..Are You Christian?

When someone asks if you are Christian today…. what do they believe Christianity actually is in these End Times?

Confusion actually. What I mean is, many think CHRISTIANITY is going to church and doing good to earn your way to Heaven. There are so many church religions teaching this false Gospel that the term ‘Christianity’ is skewed actually in these end times. In fact, the majority of ‘Christian’ formal religion organizations and denominations are teaching false gospels and are filled with many many unsaved people – who think they are saved by works. Jesus warned about this in Matthew 7.

When I am asked ‘what religion are you?’, my response is .. NONE. I am a ‘Biblical Christian’ saved by God’s grace through the once for all sacrifice for the sins of the whole world by Jesus Christ crucified, died and risen.

》》 When I say I am Christian… that does not mean the other person really knows what I mean see?

The world sees ‘Christianity’ as a RELIGION – not a relationship with Christ and a Spiritual rebirth, where we become one with Christ who is God in the flesh.

It is time to stand fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Time is short, the Lord is coming and people need THE TRUTH of the Gospel of Grace Through Jesus Christ.